Art and Coal

The pupils involved in the "geo-sounds" project not only learn about geological facts but also deal with the topic of lignite in terms of sonic and visual artistry. They visit open-cast mines to gather impressions and material samples. Under the tutelage of art pedagogues, they create drawings with coal dust, and sculptural works, from sands of the prehistoric North Sea, as well as sound collages and thematic installations. The art works are characterised by individual approaches, by the struggle for colours and shapes and by contemporary art designs to do with young people's roaming thoughts.

Cartography - M. Frey, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

"Vanished villages" - L. Fink, J. Anbessie, J. Lohse, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

"Vanished villages" - L. Fink, J. Anbessie, J. Lohse, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

Lena doing sewing work for the installation, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

Studies for mixed media "machines" - M. Illhardt, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

"Stratifications" - C. Szierka, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

Accumulation "Open-cast mining in the box" - L. Koß, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

Assemblage "Open-cast mining in the box" - F. Weinhold, Bürgerwiese Gymnasium

The pupils in the workshops

The pupils have weekly meetings in the individual project groups of their respective towns in which they work on the compositions or on the visual works of art. In addition, seven in-depth workshops are held between November 2012 and May 2014, where all pupils meet at one place to learn, compose, make music and to exchange on their art.

Drummer Peter Gotterbarm demonstrates sound effects

Visit to the open-cast mining at Nochten in Nov 2012

Rehearsal of the prologue concert in Leipzig in Feb 2013

Workshop in Görlitz Language lesson in May 2013

Sensitisation exercises at Berzdorfer See in May 2013

Preparing hearing protocols at Berzdorfer See

Making music on natural instruments

Rehearsing with the Leipzig Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra